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5. Friday Jazz Series - Carnivorous Plants Society - 13th May



Join us on Friday the 13th of May for an enchanting night of Jazz and Tapas.  

Ticket price includes - 
2 live sets performed by Carnivorous Plants Society 
3 waves of Casita's famous tapas

Doors open at 6pm 

Allow New Zealand's favourite psychedelic jazz band to take you on a journey from the streets of Mexico City to the steppes of Asia then straight to the depths of hell!

The talented trio of New Zealand's most accomplished musicians perform their original compositions that will ignite the imaginations of both children and adults alike. 

The stories told in the music are echoed visually by hand-drawn animations drawn by band-leader Finn Scholes, who happens to be NZ's best trumpet player (and who also plays tuba, vibraphone, piano, and organ).

Stories of dystopian futures, alien empires and trans-dimensional travel will unfold and your mind is guaranteed* to melt. 

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