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Announcing the foundation of Casita Miro's 'Spanish Research Group'

As part of the on-going program for excellence, it is with pleasure that Casita Miro announce the establishment of the 'Spanish Research Group', intended to facilitate an in-depth study of the food, wines and culture of Spain.

Members of the Spanish Research Group (SRG) include proprietors Cat Vosper and Barnett Bond, Head Chef Rensha Bouwer, Assistant Winemaker George Bond, Floor Manager Kim Elliot and Sommelier Orlando Hansen. A rigorous program of menu testing, wine tasting and cultural exchange is planned for the month of June, with visits to Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla.

Key objectives for the SRG researches include investigating up to the moment food trends, sourcing delicious sherries to serve at Casita Miro and recharging depleted batteries after a huge Summer season. Detailed physiological testing with be undertaken to ensure that all members of the SRG are fully recuperated before returning to New Zealand.

Stay tuned for the latest dispatches!


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