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Join us for an evening of Gyspy Jazz and delicious tapas on two nights in May!On Friday May 17th & Friday May 24th Casita Miro is proud to present live "Gypsy Jazz".Te Matariki String Quartet weave a tapestry of vignettes to compliment the colorful setting that is Casit...
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As previously reported...

Casita Miro has established the Spanish Research Group (SRG) to investigate food, wine and cultural trends in Spain. The program of travel requires that Casita Miro be closed for a period of three and a half weeks in June. Casita's last day of service will be lunch on ...
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As part of the on-going program for excellence, it is with pleasure that Casita Miro announce the establishment of the 'Spanish Research Group', intended to facilitate an in-depth study of the food, wines and culture of Spain. Members of the Spanish Research Group (SRG) incl...
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