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Your Spanish report...

August 20, 2019
Hola mis amigos!We have shaken things up a lot following our trip to Spain in June! The crew have all returned brimming with ideas, inspiration and new tattoos [not me]. Head Chef Bouwer has pretty much ripped up the old menu and introduced many new delicious plates that are...
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We're back!

August 12, 2019

Returning Report

Yes, it's time to file our report regarding the Casita Miro staff trip to Spain. We thought it might be more meaningful to present our conclusions first, and then promote the detail soon! We have three main findings:  1) Food is fun! A dinner designed by the Adria broth...
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As previously reported...

Casita Miro has established the Spanish Research Group (SRG) to investigate food, wine and cultural trends in Spain. The program of travel requires that Casita Miro be closed for a period of three and a half weeks in June. Casita's last day of service will be lunch on ...
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As part of the on-going program for excellence, it is with pleasure that Casita Miro announce the establishment of the 'Spanish Research Group', intended to facilitate an in-depth study of the food, wines and culture of Spain. Members of the Spanish Research Group (SRG) incl...
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