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Fancy a casual liaison?

From the sun kissed slopes by the sea on the island of Waiheke comes the grape. From France, the idea, and the inspiration for a refreshing and stimulating taste experience.

Flavours of summer berry fruit are captured in every bottle of madame Rouge. This fine aperitif is made from 100% red grapes grown on Waiheke Island. The first taste will suggest a full bodied, rich and vivacious summer affair. She is heady like champagne, and you should let her lead you along byways that you will never glimpse without her.

She is the first truly iconic New Zealand aperitif. Because of the purity of the vinification, those who sip a glass have reported a sense of well being. Madame Rouge is becoming recognised outside her current close circle of friends who already know she is the most stylish aperitif. Always offer your friends a small glass as they arrive.

Savoir faire.


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