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This year Sherry Week celebrates it's 10th anniversary and will be taking place across more than 40 different countries with some 20,000 events both online and offline from the 6th - 12th of November.

At Casita Miro we have been passionate ambassadors for these unique and wonderfully diverse wines for many years. They are a natural extension of the Iberian inspired food we serve and no other wines can match their versatility as food pairing.

This year we will be wholeheartedly embracing our Andalucian influences and pouring as many styles as possible into as many glasses as we can. From special tastings at the cellar door to sherry flights matching our set fiesta menus and By the Glass Jerez specials available all week long - if you are visiting us during Sherry Week you will never have had a better opportunity to taste and explore these unique libations!

On Friday the 10th November you can join us at Waiheke Wine Centre for a very special Sherry Week tasting of Ximenez-Spinola wines from this historic 9th generation Pedro Ximenez specialist

If you would like to delve deeper into this fascinating world do visit sherry.wine and, of course, come along and celebrate with us!

More than just a glass of wine..

Sherry offers so much more than just a uniquely flavoured copita of vino. 

Sherry and Manzanilla are considered to be amongst the world’s finest oenological treasures. Widely appreciated by chefs and sommeliers from all four corners of the world, these unique wines are regarded as perfect partners for a wide range of dishes, from more traditional menus to the most modern and avant-garde culinary creations. Their unique versatility is reflected in the wide range of types and varieties, each with a distinctive character of its own. In fact, there is a Sherry for every type of dish and occasion. Take a look at the Sherry & Food Pairing Wheel below for some great food matching ideas.

Oh and let's not forget all of the incredible sherry based cocktails - a bartender's dream when it comes to adding complexity and uniqueness to mixed drinks.

Check out our range of Sherry wines imported exclusively to NZ HERE


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