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8. Friday Jazz Series - Love Square - May 21st


Join us on Friday the 21st of May for a magical night of Jazz and Tapas.  

Ticket price includes - 
3 live sets performed by Love Square
3 waves of Casita's famous tapas
A fabulous night of fun and fantastic food!
Performance begins at 6pm 

“They say nothing good comes from a night in Kingsland drinking massive gins, but how else do you stumble across one of the finest up and coming young drummers holding down an unwieldy Afro-jazz band? Love Square founder Nick Atkinson found himself in exactly this position. While grappling with strange foliage planted between the icecubes of his enormous cocktail he noticed Karen Hu, an oasis of rhythmic calm behind her drum kit. After a quick introduction between sets Atkinson knew he'd found the key to a great trio. His key man Finn Scholes was already tripping over crescendos and sneezing cadenzas. The scene was almost set for an epic recording session.
When Nick and Finn aren't crossing trackless alpine passes or circumnavigating Aotearoa in a small wooden boat, they're playing horns. In fact they were both welded to their shrieking instruments and birth. Finn's also been teaching Nick a few numbers on the piano and now this adventurous pair swap from keys to brass willy nilly! The trio, now complete, have just been added to The Others Way line-up and they've been playing steamy club dates in and around Auckland.
To capture this fresh exuberant sound our brave threesome descended one thousand stairs into the very heart of The Lab in Mt Eden, where they found Jol Mulholland in his poky, yet atmospheric mezzanine twitching beside his Pro Tools. Love Square's fiery new line-up blazed out a fresh live EP in a matter of hours inside The Oven, as Jol calls his studio. Filmmaker Paul Taylor was on-hand to film the session."

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