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Terracotta Tagine



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Terracotta Tagine

These clay vessels, beautiful and full of history, also have a useful purpose.They are the traditional cooking pot of North Africa.The word tagine refers to the conical-lidded vessel and also to the dishes that are cooked inside.Its beauty lies in the lid, which traps moisture and aromas during cooking and turns out food that is moist and succulent.They are designed to be used over direct heat rather than in the oven.The hole in the lid, can be covered for the first part of the cooking if you wish.The deep cazuela base, typical of Spanish Tagines, can be used without the lid. .

27cm cazuela base with matching tagine lid, available in various colors (yellow, turquoise, blue, green, red, orange, pistachio). Handmade in Catalonia, Spain, each piece is unique and may contain small imperfections which only add to their character.

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