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z12. Friday Jazz Series Finale - Hopetoun Brown - 1st July


We are so excited to have the Hopetoun Brown Duo to wrap up the 2022 Jazz Series. 

Join us on Friday the 1st July for an enchanting night of Jazz and Tapas.  

Ticket price includes - 
2 live sets performed by Hopetoun Brown!! 
3 waves of Casita's famous tapas

Performance begins at 6pm 

You could say Tim Stewart and Nick Atkinson live and breathe music. And in their band of two, Hopetoun Brown, they breathe it deeper and harder than most.

That's because the duo -- who have been playing together since their teens as the Supergroove horn section -- use just voice, trumpet, trombone, percussion (Stewart) and bass clarinet (Atkinson) to blow up a storm of soul, jazz, blues and electricity-free hip-hop.

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